People Search for the Legal Industry

Social Media Discovery to win cases. Automate People Search.

Turn data into legal insights

Vijilent merges Social Media Analytics to deliver reliable, real-time insights into individuals.

Social Media Discovery to win cases. Automate People Search.


Vijilent assists you with:

Jury Selection

Speed up the process of jury examination and use social media to choose the right people between all potential jurors. With Vijilent, court lawyers can conduct review without hours of manual research by implementing real-time social media search and behavior analytics into their voir dire.

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Litigation Support

We help litigators analyze large amounts of data to find valuable insights fast. With Vijilent, legal professionals can collect data from different data sources to give it more context and accuracy while using powerful data mining to complement eDiscovery with social media insights.

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Web Scraping

Harvest data from any website whether text, graphics or contact details. Quickly transform data on the web into insights you can understand and use. Vijilent assists lawyers in data gathering by making it automated and fast.

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Background Checks

Social media data is indispensable to any thorough backgroun check. Our technology speeds up the process of finding contact details and social media profiles. We analyze large amounts of social media data to filter information relevant to you.

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Other use cases

No matter what data your firm needs enriched, we can help. Our legal technology can be used for collections law, family law, arbitration and mediation. Contact us and we'll get you set up for success.

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How it works

Vijilent supports legal teams with powerful social searching and psycholinguistic analysis.

Focus on your most important tasks. We have the technology to take care of repetitive and manual online search.



Send us your data

Explain what data you need to find to create a base for the search.


We automate the search

Vijilent runs millions of data points to complement your data.


Get results fast

Quickly receive insights about the people that matter to you most.

Real-time online people search

Vijilent merges Social Media Analytics to deliver reliable, real-time insights into individuals.

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Win cases

Get reliable data based on social media information to get a competitive edge. Win court cases by accessing relevant data.

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Qualify jurors fast

Based on your needs we evaluate who is in the jury using socual media data and sentiment, text and emotional analyses. Leverage psycholinguistics to vet people.

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Enhance your data

Get rich, reliable data on your clients, jurors and customers. Reveal vital information about key people in real-time.

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Filter through data

Using machine learning and natural language processing techniques to filter through data. Our filtering tool helps you narrow your results quickly and get insights you need.

Ready to get a competitive edge?

Get a competitive advantage by using social data mining, machine learning and psycholinguistics.
Vijilent is a fully managed service. Our team of Data Scientists are ready to help you.

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