Simplifying legal collection of social media and public data

Quickly delivering the relevant data you need on individuals

Social Media Discovery

Quickly find online information about people including education, occupation, social media accounts, and more. Vijilent’s superfast customizable service uses AI to analyze millions of datapoints from public records and social media to get the information you want. Take the entire contents or look for specific key words/phrases.

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Public Records Data

Need to know if an individual has a criminal record? Owns property? How they registered to vote? What licenses they hold? Has Liens or filed for bankruptcy? Owns a business? We search public records to find that one piece of information you need... immediately!

Preserve Social Media

As of 2017, Federal Rule of Evidence 902(14) requires social media data to have digital authentication. 'Print screen' captures are no longer a valid means of collecting electronic data. Vijilent's social media capture services lets you comply with FRE 902(14). Don't be caught off guard!

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Personality Profiles

Social media and public record data is indispensable to any thorough background check. Our technology provides insights into an individual's personality. Why settle for the basics when we give you a rich Data-Portrait® profile of the person you’re looking for.

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Other use cases

No matter what data your firm needs enriched, we can help. Our AI and machine-learning technology can be used for collections law, family law, arbitration and mediation. Contact us and we'll get you set up for success.

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How it works

Vijilent provides powerful social searching and psycholinguistic analysis for any individual.

Focus on your most important tasks. We have the technology to take care of repetitive and manual online search.



Who are you looking for?

Send us who you want to find and any specifics you seek


We do the search

Vijilent runs millions of data points to find relevant people insights


You get results fast

Quickly receive insights about the people that matter to you most.

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