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Simplifying legal collection of social media and public data
for jury consultants, lawyers & the legal industry

Relevant data on individuals returned when you need it the most

Social Media Discovery

Need insights to 40 potential jurors today? 200 potential jurors tomorrow? A single background check? Social media sites, keyword searches, pictures and enriched data with proven accuracy delivered when you need it. Our DataPortraits® provide you rich insights for making informed decisions.

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Public Records Data

DataPortaits® also include - voter registration, arrest records, property ownership, bankruptcy and more. No monthly subscription needed.

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Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence

Vijilent uses highly-trained researchers, who deliver the highest accuracy in the industry, combined with artificial intelligence, which provides speed, to quickly bring you accurate social media reports on the individuals involved in your case/trial. AI provides quick analysis of millions of datapoints from public records and social media and our three-step quality check makes sure its the right person. A 'word cloud' of key words allows for easy identification of the details you're looking for.

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How it Works

Focus on your most important tasks. We have the technology to take care of repetitive and manual online search.


Who are you looking for?

Send us who you want to find and any specifics you seek

We do the search

Vijilent runs millions of data points to find relevant people insights

You get results fast

Quickly receive insights about the people that matter to you most.


Other Use Cases

No matter what data your firm needs enriched, we can help. Our AI and machine-learning technology can be used for collections law, family law, etc... Contact us with your custom needs.

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