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This is the team behind Data-Portraits®;.


Rosanna is an expert in predictive analytics and entrepreneurship. She holds a PhD in Marketing from Michigan State University, an MBA and a BS in Chemical Engineering. After an Airbnb guest caused $18,000 in damage to her home, she decided to use her data analytics tools for build trust & safety into online transactions.

Dr. Rosanna Garcia


Paul has an MS in Electrical Eng. He is founder of Softricity, a startup that sells product data management software to small manufacturing firms. He was previously at Comdel, Inc., Gloucester, MA, as chief engineer. From modeling how people interact to building semiconductors, Paul is all about that tech.

Paul Rummel


Bianca has a BA in Lingusitics, she studied in Poland, Sweden and Chile and speaks five languages fluently. She is a digital nomad and lived all over the world. Bianca takes on business development challenges at Vijilent with an entrepreneurial attitude and spirit and she enjoys it a lot to learn about data science and machine learning.

Bianca Wilk


Marcos is an Electronics Engineering student from Brazil. After a 1-year exchange program in the US, he encountered the great opportunity of working with Vijilent’s team. He loves acquiring new knowledge and getting in touch with tech innovations, two strong genes at Vijilent’s DNA.

Marcos Hollerweger


Luiz is an Industrial Engineering Senior student from Brazil. He has experience in project management and process improvement at GPI- Poli/Coppe/UFRJ. Also, he is moved by new challenges and entrepreneurship, what matches perfectly with Vijilent's environment.

Luiz Souza


Dr. Zeydy Ortiz helps teams derive actionable insights to accelerate success in digital transformation. She is co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at DataCrunch Lab. She has more than 15 years of experience building predictive models and capacity plans to increase IT operational efficiency while working at IBM & Lenovo.

Dr. Zeydy Ortiz


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