Reveal by Vijilent

Social media & other public data can reveal hidden biases. Vijilent’s technology quickly & cost-effectively uncovers insights that can better inform your legal decisions.

What is Reveal ?

An online tool to collect, organize, and search keywords to reveal insights about individuals, including their social media presences. Our powerful artificial intelligence technology gathers data to create real-time Data-Portraits® from publicly available data.

"Reveal by Vijilent has made it fast and easy to uncover insights into jurors for my clients. Time is of the upmost importance to me, and the webapp format allows me to get the data when I need it without waiting hours or days for results." - Tucker Willsie, JuryMapping

A Reveal Data-Portrait® can include:

  • Voter registration,campaign contributions and other public records
  • Social media links including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more
  • Demographics including address, phone, gender, age
  • Occupation, place of employment and education
  • Keyword searches of posts and tweets
  • Pictures from social media profiles
  • Archived social media links
  • Zipcode psychographics
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Interests

What data inputs are needed for Reveal?

  • At least first/last name, city, & state - or - an email address

Vijilent’s Reveal is useful for:

  • Investigations
  • Jury Selection – informed voir dire
  • E-discovery Support – search social media for key words
  • Family Law – revelations into family dynamics
  • Witness Preparation – get insights before court
  • Finding Lost Friends & Family – reconnect with classmates and relatives
  • Client Insights – personalize correspondence with clients
  • Customize Marketing to Individual – personalize correspondence

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