V finder


  • . Try before you buy
  • . 5 free demo profiles


V miner

$ $15.95/profile

  • . No subscription needed
  • . Download as PDF
  • . All Images
  • . Social Media Sites
  • . Twitter Followers
  • . Twitter Following
  • . Klout Score


V analyzer

$ $99/mo.

  • . 10 searches
  • . unlimited users/sites
  • . Download as PDFs
  • . Call for batch processing
  • . Results in minutes
  • . $9.90 ea. for extra profiles


V seer

$ $259/mo.

  • . 10 searches
  • . unlimited users/sites
  • . Download as PDFs or Excel
  • . Call for batch processing
  • . Results in minutes
  • . $6.48 ea. for extra profiles
  • . Call for discounts for >100 searches

Frequently asked questions

How do you bill for API usage?

You're only billed when the API response includes a match. You define what's considered a match (see our developer’s page for details). You are not charged for inquiries that don’t meet your criteria.

How can I try it out?

You can use our demo site to try it out right now or sign up for a free API key. You get 100 matches per month to use while testing. Upgrade to different plans at any time.

Why buy from Vijilent? You cost more.

Match criteria is customized to your needs with support of Vijilent’s data scientists so you get the most reliable results. Reducing your risk, which means reducing your losses, is our priority. We think you want the best and that’s what we offer.

What is Machine Learning? How do you use it?

Machine Learning (or Data Mining, or any other synonyms) are the creation of programs that make predictions or that help users to understand complex phenomena. (Thanks to Achoum’s blog for this definition). We use it to take millions of data points to learn what matters most to reduce risk in your firm. Machine learning means we can easily customize our results to your needs and not just general needs.

How long can I store the data?

You can store and use Vijilent data for as long as you are a paid Vijilent customer. We ask that you make a commit to empathic data management (see below for a definition of empathic data management).

What are your attribution requirements?

For the V.Finder plan, you are required to give Vijilent attribution for the data used in your application. This helps us to keep our prices low for this offering. Call for a price quote if you would prefer to keep this information confidential.

Do you provide support?

Yes! All plans include technical service to answer your questions. For more personalized support, call us for a quote. The V.Seer may just be what you need.

What should I expect my match rate to be?

There are many factors that contribute to your match rate, read more about that here.

Where does Vijilent get its data?

We use multiple public and private data sources sifting through millions (even billions) of data points to find the most reliable information. We use our deep web search robot continually crawls the web for up-to-date social media information. We then use natural language processing and statistical analyses based on university research to provide reliable results.

What about privacy?

Understanding the potential sensitivity of people's data makes privacy a very important issue for us. The API only provides information already publicly available either from free or paid sources. We practice empathic data science.

What is empathic data management/science?

Empathic data management/science means that we understand that there are people behind the data we provide. We respect their privacy, will make any corrections to their data upon request. We have an opt-out program for individuals who don’t want their data shared. At Vijilent we don’t do anything with your data we wouldn’t want done to our own.

I have more questions.

We like questions. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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