Social-Enriched Voir Dire

Automate your people search process for improved jury selection

Discover the benefits of Machine Learning for Voir Dire:

  • Quickly inform voir dire/venire research
  • Out-smart opposing counsel
  • Automate social media monitoring
  • Easily track voir dire comments
  • Minimize cost of basic background checks
  • Easy to use in courtroom
  • Generate more discovery revenues

How it Works

Who are you looking for?

Tell us who you want to find and any specifics you seek

We automate the search

Vijilent runs millions of data points to find relevant people insights

You get results fast

Quickly get relevant information about people. We adjust the format to your needs

  • Social media links
  • Pictures from social media profiles
  • Work experience and educational background
  • Relationship status and list of personal connections
  • Interests and groups of interest
  • Twitter following and followers
  • Big5 personality profile, emotional tone and sentiment analysis (based on social media content)
  • On-demand text analysis to find particular content (word search)

Ready to get a competitive edge?

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