Women Who Tech

It has been an interesting week with a trip to California to meet with potential customers (quite a successful trip!) while the Vijilent team was back home coding and running the crowdfunding campaign, which was sponsored by #WomenWhoTech and #craigconnects. Eighty-eight women-led companies collectively raised $365,681 for their enterprises. In this campaign, ten finalists go on for a chance to compete for $50,000.  Vijilent made it to the semi-finals so fingers crossed we will be in that group of ten. Here's Vijilent's entry if you want to learn more about the campaign.  Why is there a need for these types of campaigns?  It's because women are grossly under financed compared to their male counterparts.

In a Babson College study conducted between 2011-2013, just 3 percent of companies that received venture funding had female CEOs, yet other studies show that women-led tend to be more successful than their male counterparts. Women make up 51% of the population, yet only 20% of the entrepreneurial endeavors.  Wired magazine recently posted an article stating that women-led VC firms are on the rise.  Concerted efforts are being made to help finance women-led companies.  But why in 2015 is this still an issue?  Never mind why, women go out an innovate, start a business, support a women entrepreneur, make a difference.

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