Should the Sharing Economy Share Their Data?

Posted by Rosanna Garcia

At Disrupt NY 2015, #RonConway and #FredWilson discussed the trends in the sharing economy.  Apparently there is discussion that Airbnb and others may be required to hand data over to regulators on how their services are used.  The gentlemen disagreed with each other on whether firms should share their data. TechCrunch reported that Conway responded negatively with "Private companies should not be forced to hand over data about their users.” Wilson disagreed saying “Companies could use data to make clear that the fears are unfounded. I would encourage companies to share data as much as possible.”

As any company knows, customer data is an asset of the company, even anonymized data is of critical importance to a company. Vijilent is with Conway that firms should not have to share their data. However, we are not against protecting consumers. A third party like Vijilent can help firms to keep their customers safe, which reduces the need for regulators to intervene. What's your opinion? Should the sharing economy be required to share their data?

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