Keeping Personal Information Secure, especially when cyber buying

More on personal information security. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), with a goal to "protect consumers: prevent fraud, deception, and unfair business practices in the marketplace" has an article on how to keep your personal information secure.  It is useful reading for everyone that uses the internet - which is almost all people living in the US - there is an estimated 279 million internet users and 319 million Americans, so that 87% of the population. Yesterday was cyber Monday, which Adobe Digital Index determined was a great success with more than 3 billion in sales reported, "Online traffic was so astronomical that several retailers experienced temporary outages and slow checkouts, but that didn’t stall consumer spending.  Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago and Los Angeles were the largest metropolitan areas with the highest online sales growth between Thanksgiving and Sunday." PC Magazine also has a list of 11 tips for safely buying online, although it was written in 2011, it's still valid today. So practice safe cyberbuying.  Read how to keep your information secure.

For businesses concerned with privacy, the FTC has put a call out for research on consumer privacy issues. You can find a list of studies that have been submitted for PrivacyCon to be held on January 14, 2016.  If you can't make it to DC, the conference is available on webcast.

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