In Trump’s Defamation Trial, the Nine Most Important People Are Enigmas - NYTimes

As Donald Trump's defamation case against E. Jean Carroll moves forward, jury selection becomes an ever more evident dilemma. Opening up jury names to a distribution list of legal teams working the case could open up jurors to the potential risks of outside influence or even harassment. To avoid this, the choice was made to keep the potential jury list completely anonymous, and members were excluded during voir dire only for reasons they themselves confirmed, such as donating to a presidential campaign, or being registered with any political party. However, if names are distributed (as is common in most cases), Voir dire resources like those provided by Vijilent's Reveal™ service provide a level of insight not available through more traditional means. Social media posts can be scanned and biases quickly identified, while in-person questioning can only reveal what the potential jurors are willing to share. The utility of services like Reveal™ are clear.

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