Data-Portraits® Webapp by Vijilent

People Insights made easy - Thousands of data points used to paint a portrait of an individual

What is the Data-Portraits® Webapp?

An application to collect and organize summaries of data representing individuals, including their social media presences. Our powerful artificial intelligence tools gather data from thousands of sources and reveals portraits from publicly available data at that time.


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The Data-Portraits® Webapp's people-profiles include (when available):

  • Demographics including address, phone, gender, age
  • Occupation, place of employment and education
  • Social media links including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more
  • Archived social media links
  • Zipcode psychographics
  • Sentiment analysis on social media postings – as revealed by IBM Watson
  • Emotional Intelligence including Big 5 Personality assessment by Watson
  • Pictures from social media profiles
  • Interests
  • Word cloud of words used in social media

What data inputs are needed by the Data-Portraits® Webapp?

  • At least one email address or first/last name, city, & state – a middle name/initial is really helpful.
  • First 5 profiles free

Vijilent’s Data-Portraits® Webapp is useful for:

  • Background Checks – add social media insights to public records
  • Jury Selection – informed voir dire
  • E-discovery Support – search social media for key words
  • Immigration Vetting – identify friends, interests and affiliations
  • Family Law – revelations into family dynamics
  • Witness Preparation – get insights before court
  • Finding Lost Friends & Family – reconnect with classmates and relatives
  • Client Insights – personalize correspondence with clients
  • Safely meeting new people – whether for business or personal reasons
  • On-demand Meetings
  • Customize Marketing to Individual – personalize correspondence
Vijilent's Data-Portraits® Webapp is not meant to be used for employment, housing, insurance, credit applications, or for any other purpose covered under the FCRA.

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